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Experience the unexpected and explore the surroundings of Slavonia and Podravina

One of the most preserved European rivers, the Drava, flows through five states, and the most beautiful landscapes are created precisely in the Virovitica-Podravina region. In this area, the last island of the former Pannonian Sea – Križnica – has been preserved by the Drava.

The Tourist Information Center (TIC) “Klopotec”, located on the picturesque “Kladarski breg”, where natural beauty is combined with people’s efforts to design common contents, invites everyone who is attracted to Bilogora, or is about to be attracted, by its uniqueness

The famous poet and soldier was knighted by Emperor Franz Joseph I for his military merits, and the house where he spent his childhood, immersed in a rural idyll, is today a protected cultural monument. However, its real value is hidden behind the front door where, quite unexpectedly, a modern multimedia interpretation center will open before you.

Discover the beautiful nature, rich tradition, top gastronomy, see the localities, buildings, gardens… Noble families built castles and manors here in the 19th century. The renovated ones are a great choice for modern travelers for a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle. Once you discover Slavonia and Podravina, you will surely come back to us.

The diversity of the natural heritage is reflected in the inexhaustible peculiarities of the Papuk Nature Park – a UNESCO world geopark, the UNESCO Transboundary Mura – Drava – Danube Biosphere Reserve, which extends through this county for a length of 72.5 km and in areas that are part of the European Union’s Natura 2000 ecological network Approximately 1,300 species of flora and fauna have been recorded in Virovitica-Podravine County, which makes up almost 1/3 of the total national fund.

It covers an area of ​​336 square kilometers with an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna. The Papuk Nature Park includes three areas of special protection, namely: Rupnica – a geological monument of nature famous for its columnar volcanic rock formations; Jankovac Forest Park – a mountain valley surrounded by a hundred-year-old beech forest with the karst phenomenon of the Jankovac waterfall and the Sekulina mountain – a special reserve of forest vegetation – a beech and fir forest about 150 years old with a rainforest character.

You will discover the secrets of the Drava in the former summer house of Count Drašković from the 19th century and the luxurious park that surrounds it. The world of owls, a corner of butterflies, a bird song, a magical forest, the Drava forest of fairies and elves, a scientific research station… Explore the meadow where white storks, ponds with turtles, aviaries with birds of prey, a canopy walk, a garden of fragrant experiences, educational vegetable garden and orchard…

Better known as the Croatian Sahara, the Peski desert stretches from Đurđevac through Kalinovac to Kloštr Podravski and was declared a special geographical and botanical reserve in 1963. After the last ice age, the swollen Drava brought sand particles from the Alps, and during dry periods the water level of the river would be low, so the strong Podravina wind blew the sand particles and created a real straight desert.

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